Thursday, August 23, 2012

Global Dance 15

December 29, 2010 11:06 PM PST

Happy New Year! And appropriate for such a celebration, Global Dance 15 features a great collection of beautiful and uplifting Vocal Trance music. Mixed live, so enjoy! ~ Sang-Do

Track listings:
1. Miracle Moments (feat. Leah) - Andy Duguid
2. Twilight Tonight (Arty Remode) - Arty
3. Bliss (Alpha 9 Club Mix) - Alpha 9
4. Cross the Line (George Acosta Remix) - First State
5. Utopia (Arty Remix) - Tritonal
6. Hold Me Love Me (Edit) - Fast Distance & Dimension
7. It's All Vain (Innervisions Club Mix) - Magnolia
8. Alright 2010 feat. Hardwell (Original Mix) - Red Carpet
9. I Love You (Cosmic Gate Remix) - Kyau & Albert
10. Here to Stay feat. Ange (Mango Remix) - Hokkaido
11. Fever - Cold Blue
12. Angel feat. Faith (Club Mix) - Giuseppe Ottaviani
Download: Global Dance 15
(Click to listen or right click “Save As” to download to keep)

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